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Wood boring insects (commonly called woodworm) in their adult beetle phase can fly into any property, seeking wood on which to lay their eggs. Woodworm infestations are widespread in the United Kingdom, and untreated softwoods are particularly vulnerable to attack in any property. Infestations most commonly occur in roof timbers, floor joists, boarding and internal joinery timbers. Types of beetle infestation range from the more common infestations by those of the common furniture beetle (Anobium Punctatum) through to the usually more serious infestations by the house longhorn (Hylotrupes Bajulus) and death watch beetle (Xestobium Rufovillosum).

House longhorn and death watch beetle infestations usually require more rigorous remedial treatment since they can potentially cause significant structural damage. All types of woodworm infestation if left untreated, however, have potential for expensive structural damage and early attention to the problem is essential. We offer a full range of specifications and treatments, ranging from basic insecticidal treatments up to full structural repairs.

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Wood rotting spores are in the air we breathe, and fungal attack is a common cause of defects in timber in the United Kingdom’s buildings. It results from germination of spores in damp conditions, and is often the cause of structural damage in timber floor structures. Dry Rot can spread undetected behind plaster and other building materials, and in concealed areas, damaging and weakening the timbers that it feeds from.

It is imperative that all affected timber be cut out and removed, and all surrounding areas thoroughly sterilised. We can offer a full contracting service, including specialist fungicidal treatments and associated plastering, joinery, carpentry services, etc.

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  • Sprayskill-Permotreat Ltd are able to offer a thirty year guarantee on most of the remedial treatment services outlined on our website.
  • We can also offer a complete insurance package to customers who require complete security against our cessation of trade for any reason, by providing cover against recurring rising dampness, woodworm and fungal attack in all parts of the property which have been treated.
  • Please remember that this type of insurance cover is not normally provided by most household or commercial buildings insurance policies.
  • All insurance cover is arranged independently of Sprayskill-Permotreat Ltd, and is fully compliant with the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority, The Prudential Regulation Authority, and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
  • Independent insurance protection of our own guarantees as described is available as an optional extra on most of our contracts.
  • Full details of guarantees and insurance cover available, including specimen policies, etc., are available on request. Please click here to contact us.