Damp Proofing

SpraySkill - Damp Proofing Specialists
SpraySkill - Damp Proofing Specialists
SpraySkill - Damp Proofing Specialists


Apart from the potential health hazards, rising damp can often damage the structural fabric of a building in that it ruins the internal decorations and wall renderings, can considerably deteriorate concealed brickwork and masonry, and is often the prime cause of fungal decay to structural floor timbers.

Whereas the installation of a damp proof course used to be a drawn out, messy and costly job, one of the many advantages of our chemical injection damp proofing system is the speed with which it is carried out, and the resultant minimum of inconvenience and disturbance for our clients.
Our damp proofing service is able to include all associated trade services, including specialist renovation plastering and joinery work, etc.

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Walls which are situated below ground and/or basement/cellar walls are potentially liable to penetrating dampness from the external raised earth mass, particularly during periods of heavy rainfall. Whilst rising damp may also be an issue in these situations, primary attention is usually necessary to deal with lateral moisture or water penetration of this type.

External walls below ground level are also liable to condensation due to their relatively cool wall surfaces.
We can provide various cementitious and cavity drainage membrane tanking systems to deal with these issues, and such work is normally also specified in conjunction with suitable dry lining systems incorporating insulation mediums and vapour barriers in order to minimise further condensation problems.

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We can offer a range of silicone, stearate and silane based water repellent treatments for external facing masonry of all types of building. Our water repellent treatments conform to the relevant British Standards, and are suitable for most types of masonry, including limestone, brick, concrete, mortar, etc.

Benefits of treatment include prevention of driving rain penetration, preserving and extending the life of masonry by protecting it against spalling, frost damage, cracking, efflorescence, fungal, moss and lichen growth. Treated buildings also benefit from improved thermal insulation by reduction of thermal conductivity and heat loss caused by evaporation of moisture from the structure.

Similarly, internal condensation problems are reduced as a result of these factors. Treatment of buildings following sandblasting will minimise further ingress of rainwater carrying dirt, pollutants and harmful water soluble chemicals into the structure. It will also maintain the appearance of new or recently cleaned masonry.

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  • Sprayskill-Permotreat Ltd are able to offer a thirty year guarantee on most of the remedial treatment services outlined on our website.
  • We can also offer a complete insurance package to customers who require complete security against our cessation of trade for any reason, by providing cover against recurring rising dampness, woodworm and fungal attack in all parts of the property which have been treated.
  • Please remember that this type of insurance cover is not normally provided by most household or commercial buildings insurance policies.
  • All insurance cover is arranged independently of Sprayskill-Permotreat Ltd, and is fully compliant with the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority, The Prudential Regulation Authority, and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
  • Independent insurance protection of our own guarantees as described is available as an optional extra on most of our contracts.
  • Full details of guarantees and insurance cover available, including specimen policies, etc., are available on request. Please click here to contact us.